You may already be familiar with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning or refrigeration equipment. HVAC/R systems are found in practically every home or commercial building in Oklahoma. Your HVAC system maintains your comfort despite the Oklahoma weather. At one point or another, home and business owners will face HVAC issues that require expert answers and solutions.


What can I do to ensure that my heating and air conditioning system continues to work efficiently?

It is critical to regularly change the filters. You also need to ensure clearance around your outdoor unit, shrubs, fences, or debris reduces needed airflow. Keep your pets away from HVAC equipment as well to prevent damage caused by their urine or chewing.

Remember if it is beyond a simple clean up or filter change; leave it to reputable commercial HVAC contractor in the OKC area like Van Dyck Mechanical.

How important is HVAC preventative maintenance?

Your residential and commercial heating and cooling system works hard on a daily basis. Maintenance not only keeps it running at its maximum efficiency, saving you money, but will also reduce costly unexpected repairs.

Our professional HVAC technicians at Van Dyck Mechanical follow a 30 point inspection and manufacturer recommendations to ensure your system is operating as it should.

What specific HVAC equipment should undergo preventive maintenance?

Simply put, all of it. Like any type of mechanical equipment, HVAC equipment has many moving parts that affect its operation. Those parts wear over time and can lead to system failures. Van Dyck Mechanical has the knowledge and experience to maintain every part of your system.

Why should I call for professional air duct cleaning?

Over years of continued use, your HVAC system will eventually accumulate contaminants that can result in a dusty home, odors, and allergies. A professional duct cleaning helps reduce accumulated contaminants in the duct system. Duct cleaning done improperly can result in further contamination of your home and damage to the system.

Is it time to replace my air conditioner or furnace even if it still works properly?

Maybe. There are many things to consider when looking at replacing a functional system. The decision should be based on reliability, efficiency, and performance. If you have questions it is best to explore your options with an expert a Van Dyck Mechanical. Many times energy savings from a new system will cover the cost of replacement over time.

Why should I use Van Dyck Mechanical for my HVAC needs?

At Van Dyck Mechanical, no job is too big or too small. Unlike most HVAC commercial companies, we are fully equipped to provide a full range of HVAC services, including: residential and commercial HVAC, commercial refrigeration, and plumbing. HVAC is rarely one size fits all, Van Dyck Mechanical is committed to providing the right solution for your application. We are customer service driven and strive to provide the best service in the industry while getting you the most value for your dollar. We also value your time and stock many parts and supplies to enable us to make common repairs in one visit to your property.