Plumbing is serious work. Attempting to do plumbing on your own can have serious repercussions to your entire plumbing system! No matter how minor the issue is, hiring a professional can avoid excess cost, frustration, and paying far more in the long run that comes with DIY plumbing.

Our highly trained and experienced plumbing professionals at Van Dyck Mechanical will do the job right and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Here’s why Van Dyck Mechanical plumbing services are a cut above the rest:

We value your time! We strive to do what we say we were going to do when we said we were going to do it.

We offer upfront flat rate pricing—NO hidden charges and surprise fees.

We respect your home, property, or business and strive to keep the disruption to a minimum.

We guarantee our work and provide service warranties.

You can count on our team to stay on the job until your plumbing issues are resolved to your satisfaction and remain in communication with you throughout the process!

Here are the top-rated Oklahoma plumbing services we offer:


Dealing with plumbing issues at home? Van Dyck Mechanical is fully equipped to handle all types of home plumbing. We can resolve clogged drains, leaky or burst pipes, blocked toilets, faucets, water heater issues, and everything in between. We also provide fixtures and installation services.


As your go to source for commercial plumbing in Oklahoma, we provide a full line of commercial plumbing services. We have the answer to all your water, drainage, and plumbing fixture needs. If your commercial hot water system has seen better days, give us a call! We are your go-to water heater repair and maintenance experts, too. We serve various types of business across all industries and sizes!


It can be extremely frustrating to have plumbing problems at the most inconvenient times. The leak flooding your bathroom or the sewer backing up in the bathtub can’t wait until tomorrow—so don’t! Van Dyck Plumbing offers 24/7 emergency plumbing services. Our licensed plumbing crew will arrive at your location promptly, and we’ll have your emergency plumbing issues resolved in no time. Day or night, we’re here to help!


Whether the slightest signs of problem are showing on your plumbing system or it’s a full-blown plumbing issue you’re dealing with, ask the leading experts at Van Dyck Plumbing. We address all residential and commercial plumbing repairs involving your plumbing pipes, bathtub and showers, toilet, sink, faucets, water heaters, and sewage and drainage systems.


Do you need a plumbing fixture installed in your home or place of business? Van Dyck Mechanical is your best bet for replacement and installation services, ranging from replacing faulty plumbing parts to installing a new toilet or a complete new piping system.


Clearing clogged drains may sound easy, but the cause of the stoppage can be caused by numerous conditions in the piping system. Van Dyck Mechanical has specialized equipment to clear the toughest clog. Training and experience can play a large role in resolving drain issues with-out unnecessary costs or inconvenience. Van Dyck Mechanical is your best bet for the cleaning of clogged drain services in Oklahoma.


Leaking pipes are definitely a serious problem! Water in the wrong places can do an immense amount of damage in your home or business. While some leaks are easy to locate and repair, others are not. Our professionals have the knowledge and equipment to find the source. Don’t live with a water leak until mold or structural damage occurs, call Van Dyck Mechanical today.


Frozen pipes are a common occurrence in many homes and commercial structures during winter. We have seen it all at Van Dyck Mechanical and are equipped to repair damage caused by frozen pipes as well as to prevent piping from freezing in the first place.


Sewer line repair and replacement is a complex and dirty job that requires the knowledge, skill, and dedication of a team like Van Dyck Mechanical. Often found to be needed while attempting to clear a stoppage, sewer line repair or replacement options vary on a case by case basis. Let the experts at Van Dyck Mechanical provide you with all the options available.


From a massive leak caused by a broken water line, to reduced pressure caused by corrosion water lines are serious business. Many factors affect underground or concealed piping. An improperly installed water line can be doomed to fail from the beginning. You can count on Van Dyck Mechanical to provide the most cost effective, longest lasting water line work in the area.


From installation location, to the material used, water lines must be installed properly. Not only for dependability and length of service, but for your health and safety, a professional plumber is a must. Trust Van Dyck Mechanical to do the job right the first time, and keep your water line problem-free for years to come!

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