Air ducts are a crucial component of your HVAC systems, responsible for maintaining indoor comfort, air quality, and energy efficiency.


The primary function of these devices is to move conditioned air from your furnace or AC units and distribute it to different rooms and areas.


An air duct that isn’t working properly can adversely impact your indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and overall comfort.


Don’t let clogged or damaged air ducts compromise your health and comfort!


Van Dyck Mechanical, LLC. is the leading HVAC service provider in Oklahoma City, helping homes and businesses optimize the efficiency and performance of their air duct systems. Contact our team of licensed duct repair and replacement experts today for duct repairs, maintenance, or replacement.

Duct Repair and When to Call for It

When your air duct system has stopped working, prompt repair service is integral to the comfort of your home. If you have noticed any of the following signs and situations with your system, consider scheduling a professional duct repair:

– Duct leakage: Leaky ducts are a common problem that can reduce the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. Signs that you may have duct leakage include hissing or whistling sounds and dusty or dirty ducts.

– Under insulated ducts: Proper insulation is essential to maintain the efficiency of your HVAC system. If you notice that your ducts are sweating or have condensation on their surface, it may be a sign that the insulation isn’t enough.

– High energy bills: Damaged or leaky ducts can result in a significant loss on your AC system, forcing it to work twice as hard to deliver the same results. If your energy bills have been increasing, even though your HVAC system is well-maintained, it might be due to duct issues.

– Unbalanced airflow: If your home has uneven temperatures, with some areas feeling too hot or too cold, it could result from an airflow imbalance. Leaks or blockages can disrupt the even distribution of air.

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Our Duct Replacement Services

If you find yourself in a situation where you need frequent duct repairs, it is time to replace them.

Replacing old, inefficient air ducts can lead to significant savings on repair costs.

A newly designed high-efficiency duct system guarantees enhanced comfort, consistent temperatures, and a substantial reduction in cooling losses.

The certified team of duct repair and replacement experts from Van Dyck Mechanical boasts years of experience in ductwork replacement service.

We have handled various projects, from residential homes to commercial buildings, and our technicians are well-versed in the latest industry standards and techniques.

We will assess your current ductwork and recommend the most suitable replacement options.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with our ductwork replacement experts.

Duct Sealing

When the sealing between the duct sections is worn off, conditioned air will escape to the attic or crawl spaces instead of spreading across your home. The result is that your home becomes inadequately warm or cool.


Sealing your leaky ducts is an effective way to enjoy a more comfortable and energy-efficient home.


At Van Dyck Mechanical, our technicians are ready to inspect your ducts and re-seal the duct connection points thoroughly to ensure air-tight, fresh, and efficiently distributed warm or cool air into your home.

Duct Repair and Replacement in Oklahoma City

At Van Dyck Mechanical, we understand the importance of getting your HVAC system back up and running as quickly as possible whenever there is an issue. Whether you need air duct repairs, sealing, or replacement, our Oklahoma City team is committed to completing your air duct project on time and with minimal disruption to your daily routine.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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