Are HVAC repair bills piling up? Are utility bills becoming excessive? Perhaps it is time to explore replacing your commercial heating, ventilation, air conditioning, or refrigeration system. Doing so can result in energy savings, reduce repair and maintenance costs, and allow your business to take advantage of valuable rebates where available.

From a small retail space to a facility with hundreds of employees, the increased efficiency and comfort provided by new equipment is sure to boost the bottom line.


When it comes to Commercial HVAC installation, Van Dyck Mechanical is your best contractor of choice. As your leading provider of commercial HVAC installation services in Oklahoma, our goal is to help your commercial space or building become comfortable for work or business.

If you need a refrigeration system installed, we can do that, too! At Van Dyck Mechanical, we know your refrigeration system is critical to your daily business operations. We have the expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to install highly efficient and dependable refrigeration systems.

As your leading professionals in commercial HVAC installation, Van Dyck Mechanical is fully equipped to provide space saving solutions. We are fully aware how critical the proper sizing and placement of commercial HVAC is so that it is both quiet and non-disruptive is to your day-to-day business. What’s more, we offer fair pricing so you get the most value for every dollar of your HVAC installation investment!

Van Dyck Mechanical offers only the best HVAC products on the market, dependability and quality are key!

For unrivaled HVAC installation service for your commercial project, contact Van Dyck Mechanical today!