5 Benefits Of Installing Patriot Carbon Whole House Air Purifier And How It Can Fight COVID-19


5 Benefits Of Installing Patriot Carbon Whole House Air Purifier And How It Can Fight COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic has been on people’s minds these past few months.  Now more than ever, the air quality in our homes must be of top priority in the fight against COVID-19.

According to recent studies, Coronavirus can live for three hours airborne, and 2-3 days on surfaces.  This means that you are most likely to contract the virus from surfaces, but it is also possible to catch it airborne.  

Whichever way it is, whole-house air purification systems such as the Patriot Carbon Whole House Air Purifier can help you reduce microorganisms present in the air, which in turn keeps you healthy, and boosts your immune system. 

In particular, Patriot Carbon will help clean the air with the combined technologies of UVC light and activated carbon.  Both of which are highly effective in killing germs. Here are the main benefits of installing a Patriot Carbon Whole House Air Purifier:


Smaller air purifiers can only handle one or two rooms at max.  Multiple units all throughout the house will not only cost more than having a single unit located near the HVAC system, but it will also require a lot of effort in maintenance.

Moreover, having whole-house air purifiers can help you save money from having to buy separate air purifier filters and HVAC filters.

Removes Up Tp 99% Of Dust, Allergens, And Particles

A whole-house air purifier can filter out up to 99 percent of toxins present in the air.  Because they are connected to the HVAC system, they can disinfect the air as it passes through the unit. Making your family breathe clean and healthy air.  And healthier air means fewer allergy symptoms and reduced risks of respiratory illnesses.

Removing 99 percent of airborne particles will also help get rid of bad odors such as cigarette smoke, and cooking grease, which usually gets trapped in the air and in your carpets.

Prolongs Lifespan Of HVAC System

When you add a whole-house air purifier to the existing HVAC system, it will help the unit run efficiently, in turn, prolonging its lifespan.  

The added air purifier traps contaminants before they could settle in the HVAC systems filters, which could’ve caused the air conditioner to work twice as hard.  Moreover, whole-house air purifiers help keep the cooling coils clean and reduce the amount of mold in ductwork.

Conveniently Hidden From View

Whole-house air purifiers are entirely hidden from view, unlike portable units, which could take some significant room space, and contribute to the noise.

Moreover, it doesn’t concentrate its disinfecting power in just one area or room.  Hence the name, it cleans the air in your entire home.  

Requires Less Maintenance

Unlike other air purifiers, a whole-house cleaner’s filter lasts 3 to 9 months. Just hire OKC HVAC contractors to install the unit, and you’re good to go, but don’t forget to check the filter every once in a while as well.

Protect your home. Protect your family by boosting your indoor air quality with a Patriot Carbon Whole House Air Purifier. Contact your nearest OKC HVAC contractors for installation.

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