What You Need to Know About AC Condenser Coils

What You Need to Know About AC Condenser Coils

If you have an AC system in your home, then it is likely that you know the importance of regular air conditioning maintenance and keeping your condenser coils clean. However, not many homeowners are aware of what exactly they need to do to properly maintain their coils. This article will discuss how important it is for all homeowners to keep their condenser coils clean and provide them with a guide on proper AC maintenance.

What are condenser coils?

Condenser coils are the part of an air conditioner that removes heat from inside your home by transferring it outside. This means they need to be clean for proper airflow and efficiency. So, what happens if you don’t keep them clean? 

A dirty condenser coil can mean reduced cooling capacity, shorter life span, increased energy consumption. According to the U.S Department of Energy, a rise in condensing temperature from 35 to 40°C due to dirty coils can reduce the cooling capacity of an AC by 7% and cause an increase in power of 16%. 

When should you consider cleaning your AC condenser coils? 

Experts recommend that homeowners clean their condenser coils every year, or at least twice a season. One of the most common causes of dirty coils is leaves and vegetation clogging up your system. Cleaning will help prevent this problem from happening again in the future!

If you find moisture builds up around your AC unit because it isn’t properly draining away, then reach out to an AC maintenance professional immediately. With some assistance, you can get rid of these problems before they become more severe and costly than necessary! 

What will happen if the AC condenser coils are not regularly cleaned?

Aside from a decrease in airflow, high energy bills, and an overheated home, there are more negative effects that could happen if you don’t regularly clean your AC condenser coils. You will find root growth or dirt buildup on the exterior of your condenser coil which will result in an increase in temperature if not remedied quickly. On top of that, there is also an accumulation of mold which can affect the health of everyone at home.

Do you need a professional to clean the AC condenser coil or can you do it yourself?

As a preventive measure, you can do some cleaning yourself by removing any visible debris around your unit and by cleaning the exterior as much as possible. However, if it involves more complex issues, then hiring a professional HVAC company is your best option. They’ll provide the right equipment, and they have experience with this type of project so there’s less risk for something going wrong. You can always ask them about any potential safety concerns as well before having someone work on your AC condenser coils. 


Don’t wait before you see any signs of mold before consider cleaning your AC condenser coils. Remember, it is better to have them cleaned sooner than later. Contact a reliable air conditioning maintenance professional to have it serviced right away.

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