Advantages of Installing a New Ductless Air Conditioner System at Home

ductless mini split system installation

Advantages of Installing a New Ductless Air Conditioner System at Home

Are you considering air conditioning installation to add to your home in preparation for the coming summer? You may have heard of a ductless air conditioner unit since they are popular these days because of its efficiency and convenience.

A ductless air conditioner system, also called a ductless mini-split system, is a modern way of cooling your space that provides many benefits. And due to technological advancements, ductless mini-split systems are even more improved and ideal to use at home. 

Let’s explore some of the advantages of installing a new ductless air conditioner system.

Fast Installation

Since a traditional HVAC system needs new ductwork, installing it tends to be complicated and takes a lot of time. On the other hand, ductless air conditioner installation is faster and doesn’t need customized air ducts inside your home. It means that you won’t need to bear the inconvenience of hot weather while waiting to complete the air conditioning installation. 

Personalized Comfort

If you want to cool your room with your desired temperature without affecting other areas in your house, a ductless mini-split air conditioner unit is ideal for you. Mini-splits have their thermostat that allows zoned temperature control. Also, a ductless air conditioner installation in a new room is a great way to add a cooling system without re-configuring your current ductwork.

Energy Efficiency

A great thing with ductless air conditioning is you won’t need to worry about wasted energy due to possible leaky ductworks. You can also switch off air conditioning units in rooms that are not in use instead of cooling the entire house. As a result, this will help you lower your energy use and monthly bill.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Poor-quality indoor air is seen as harmful and dangerous in people’s health, especially to family members with asthma, allergies, and other respiratory issues. The problem with a traditional HVAC system is the difficulty to clean ductwork that can accumulate dirt, dust, and debris. Once turned on, the dirt gets blown into the air filter. With a ductless air conditioning system, it reduces and prevents the build-up of pollutants through the use of multi-layer filtration. 

Space Saver

Ductless units are more compact when it comes to size compared to the traditional HVAC system. They do not take up a lot of space in the basement or attic and its ductwork since its system consists of only two parts: the outdoor condenser/compressor or heat pump and the indoor air handler. Depending on your cooling needs, your service technician can connect one outdoor unit to up to four indoor air handlers situated on the wall in each room. 

Minor Maintenance

To keep your ductless air conditioning system clean, you only have to clean the filter once it gets dusty or dirty, keep the wall vents unit clear, and remove any debris or obstruction around the outdoor unit to maintain excellent airflow. It makes your cooling system easier to maintain, unlike with the traditional HVAC system wherein extensive ductwork cleaning is required. 

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