Does Air Conditioning Play a Role in Improving Indoor Air Quality?

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Does Air Conditioning Play a Role in Improving Indoor Air Quality?

The quality of air we breathe is a very important element of our health. We need to inhale uncontaminated, oxygen-rich air to be healthy physically and mentally. Incidentally, air conditioning can help to make it happen. According to a 2016 report form the UK Royal College of Physicians, every breath we take contributes to the cumulative impact of air quality on our health.

The quality of both indoor and outdoor air is therefore essential to our overall health, but since outdoor air quality is beyond our control, we should direct our focus on indoor air quality in our homes. We spend time at home for at least eight hours per day. The quality of the air in our own home is the only one we can control. We should use that capability as a means to directly filter the air that is flowing in our homes. It will also allow us to breathe in clean air to mitigate the effects of polluted air that you and your family may be breathing when you are outdoors.

Why Quality Air is Necessary

Undeniably, the quality of air we breathe has a huge influence not just on our comfort and performance, but on our health and well-being in general. Poor quality indoor air is the type of air that contains pollutants which include dust, second hand smoke, radon, pollen, and carbon monoxide emitted by motor vehicles.

Poor quality indoor air is known to trigger certain unhealthy manifestations including headaches, concentration problems, fatigue, and respiratory-related issues such as asthma. Moreover, prolonged exposure to contaminated indoor air can lead to illnesses that include cancer and allergy.

Quality indoor air is important because your body needs it to keep you healthy, happy and comfortable.

If you live in the city, polluted air is everywhere and ready to get into your home. Strive to get clean indoor air by means of a quality residential air conditioning installation as well as IAQ products such as high MERV level rated filters and Ultraviolet lights. The higher the MERV rating on the filers that you put in your home, the better it will trap contaminants in your HVAC system. Ultraviolet lights work to kill mold, germs, spores, most viruses, and effectively controls odors. These two accessories working together keep your indoor air quality healthy and comfortable.

The Benefits of Air Conditioning

Home air conditioning is beneficial not just because it keeps you cool and comfortable but because it works to improve your indoor air quality. Here are some of its most salient benefits:

  • Helps to maintain the humidity of your home
  • Provides proper ventilation
  • Filters incoming air and keeps it free from pollutants and allergens
  • Maintains your desired temperature

Air conditioning filters air coming into your house and maintains indoor temperature for your convenience. It does involve a certain added cost but it could pale in comparison to the protection it gives to the health of the entire family. You should invest in a residential HVAC installation not just for the comfort it offers but for its ability to protect your health which translates into wealth.

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