How Often Should You Get Residential AC Maintenance Service?

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How Often Should You Get Residential AC Maintenance Service?

Your home air conditioning system requires proper maintenance, just like any other mechanical equipment. Experts recommend that it must be regularly inspected by HVAC professionals—at least once a year will do—to ensure its optimum performance.

It is also ideal that the residential ac maintenance service will be scheduled during the spring season. That way, your AC system performs effectively and efficiently during summertime when the AC works harder than usual. 

What does a residential AC maintenance service typically include?

An extensive cleaning and thorough inspection of any underlying problem. This will help save you prevent emergency AC problems and save you money in the process.

Here are the common services included in the annual AC maintenance process:

Thermostat calibration

The thermostat acts as the control system of your air conditioning system. Without it, your home won’t be cooled efficiently. Most of the homeowners are upgrading into smart thermostat because of its added convenience. Your technician will test it for accuracy and will calibrate it if needed. He will also make sure that the thermostat’s location is away from any heat sources to prevent room temperature inaccuracy.

Electrical connection 

HVAC technicians are trained to fix electrical connections related to your air conditioning system. And part of the residential HVAC maintenance service ensures that all electrical wirings are in the proper place and in good condition to prevent electrical accidents. 

Condensate drain line cleaning

The AC condensate drains remove the collected moisture from the evaporator coil. Drain lines are prone to clogs, especially if debris and other dirt weren’t removed in the system. The technician will clear the drain line and will repair any leaks and cracks caused by the clogs. 

Condenser and evaporator coils inspection

Condenser and evaporator coils are vital in the efficiency of your air conditioning system. If it is dirty or obstructed, your AC will work harder than it should and that can result in the unit’s malfunctioning and higher utility bills. During the annual AC service maintenance, the technician will ensure the whole system will run smoothly and efficiently. 

Wear and tear parts inspection

The HVAC technician will conduct a thorough evaluation of your entire air conditioning system to locate any hidden damage or problem that can cause inefficiency. If there’s any damage, they are trained to fix these issues to ensure the tip-top condition of your AC system. Be sure they explain these issues to you prior to the work being performed. 

Ductwork inspection

The ductwork in your air conditioning system is responsible for the distribution of cold air across many household spaces. If you notice any decrease in cold air inside any room, you can suspect leakage from the duct system. Annual residential HVAC maintenance is the perfect time for in-depth inspection and repair of possible damage in the ductwork.

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