How To Avoid Common HVAC Scams

How to Identify and Avoid Common HVAC Scams

How To Avoid Common HVAC Scams

We hear it all too often about homeowners who have been scammed by unreliable HVAC contractors. It is unfortunate that at any time, in any season, these people will do almost anything to get your money. The Federal Trade Commission and the Food and Drug Administration have sent a warning about people taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to sell fake products, including HVAC filters.

Here are some tips for identifying and avoiding HVAC scams:


It always pays to do proper prior research before hiring an HVAC contractor. Search online for “HVAC contractors near me” and check out the company’s website. Reliable OKC HVAC contractors should have an established website with all the information you need to contact them. If there is limited company information about the company, then it might be an indication of an AC repair scam.

Get estimates and avoid overpriced service.

Honest OKC HVAC contractors will repair your air conditioning system without overcharging you. Be sure that they give you an estimate, prior to any work, so you can weigh your options and determine if their prices are within a reasonable range. You will easily identify if it’s a scam if someone is trying to overcharge you and attempt to trap you into hiring them right away.

On top of that, some will try to convince you to get frequent tune-ups. Ideally, you only need to get a tune-up once a year. Shady HVAC contractors will try to lure you into getting a tune-up four times a year!

Be present during the repair process and ask questions.

If you are concerned about a technician who might be doing unnecessary repairs or adding items that you don’t need, stop them and ask them to explain what they are doing and ask if it will affect the estimate that you were provided. This could be an indicator that they are trying to increase the total cost for the service. People who don’t know about HVAC are usually the target of this type of scam. 

Make sure to ask right away if you notice something that isn’t right. An honest contractor should have the knowledge and expertise to explain it right away in terms easy to understand.

Inquire about warranty and money-back guarantees.

Not all companies offer money-back guarantees, but a trustworthy HVAC contractor can provide information about their service guarantees or warranties. If the company can’t provide or willingly evades this question, it’s a huge red flag that could indicate they are not a legit company.

Look at online reviews.

One common HVAC scam is when a company claims they have the best service but does not have good online reviews. In this digital age, most companies already have websites or social media profiles where you can find reviews about their service. Always read online reviews and see what others are saying about their service.

Ask for a second opinion.

Most scams target people through high-pressure tactics. If you encounter an HVAC contractor who is pushing you into buying or doing something, then don’t make an immediate decision. Consult with other HVAC service providers to ensure that you are getting the right information or suggestion on your HVAC issue. Go through everything on the list when you search for “HVAC contractors near me” and call them for a second opinion.


Ensure that the Company and Employees are licensed to complete HVAC work. They would hold a mechanical journeyman license with the State of Oklahoma. The company should also be licensed to do work in the city they’re working in.

State Level – company contractors and their employees can be searched on the following website The website states if they have an active license to complete the work. DO NOT use companies or technicians with inactive licenses or no license at all.

City Level – They can contact their city to determine if the company is licensed with the city. 

Van Dyck Mechanical is licensed in multiple cities within Oklahoma to complete HVAC work. We have to pay a yearly license fee to each city. Also, Clark Van Dyck is our Contractor and his license will be found active on the site. All of our employees will also be found active on the site. Kenneth Davis, Treyton Howard, Peyton Chade Gillham, and Matthew Dull. For all your HVAC needs in Oklahoma, get professional help from a legitimate HVAC services provider. Visit Van Dyck Mechanical or call 405-224-2665 today.

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