Best Plumbing Tools for Homeowners

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Best Plumbing Tools for Homeowners

You can avoid any significant plumbing issues by attending to it before it gets out of hand. Indeed, professional plumbers OKC residents trust have the ability to solve these issues. But it won’t hurt if homeowners have the basic knowledge on how to fix minor plumbing problems by using these must-have plumbing tools.  


Most homeowners keep a plunger in their toilet, but little they know that there are two types of plunger: the flange and cup plunger. The one that we usually see in our homes is the simple cup plunger. In comparison, the flange plunger has an extra lip which allows a better seal around the bowl. Flange plunger works better for stubborn toilet clogs.

Drain Snake

It is also known as a plumber’s snake and best used for unclogging shower drain, sink, or bathtub. It helps you clear out debris like hair and product buildup without leaving damage to your pipes. To use the tool, put the cable down the drain until the part wherein the clog lies. Then try removing the clog by pulling back and turning the drain snake’s crank attached on your end.

Adjustable Pipe Wrench

The wrench that you see lying around your toolbox must be the adjustable pipe wrench since it is the most common type of wrench which homeowners use. Its adjustable jaws make a firm grip on any size of round objects.

Basin Wrench

Basin wrench is a good-to-have tool since it is designed to access the hard-to-reach areas in your plumbing system. A basin wrench is perfect for tightening, loosening, and removing the faucet and other PVC pipe fittings.

Heavy-Duty Rubber Gloves

It is the most often overlooked item but must be included in your toolbox. It protects your hands from sharp objects when dealing with residential plumbing issues.

Slip-Joint Pliers

This tool can be an excellent addition to your residential toolbox. You can use it to reach small objects in tight plumbing situations like your kitchen sink drain. Slip-joint pliers have two sets of teeth that can grip things like nails or bolts.

Thread Seal Tape

It is also known as plumber’s tape, PTFE tape, or Teflon tape. It temporarily fixes pipe leaks to avoid further damage. Even the smallest leak can cause damage and water waste if not attended to right away. According to EPA, the average American family wastes 180 gallons per week from residential leaks. This environmental problem can be avoided by only using thread seal tape. But do not forget to hire professional plumbing contractors OKC folks prefer to provide permanent solutions for your residential leaks.

Tape Measure

Another must-have item in your toolbox is a necessary tape measure. It is useful to your plumbing needs and an excellent tool for any structural issues in your household. Usage of tape measures could avoid costly mistakes resulting from incorrect length or measurement of the item that needs repair.


All of these tools are designed to solve minor plumbing issues. But if you’ve encountered any major plumbing concerns that go beyond your confidence level, it is vital to contact a professional plumbing contractor OKC homeowners favor to provide the best solutions to your plumbing problems..


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