Practical Residential Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips You Should Know

Practical Residential Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips You Should Know

There are lots of rewarding household maintenance jobs you can do, but only a few can match the payoff a well-maintained air conditioning system can give. Aside from its ability to keep you comfortably cool during the summer, proper maintenance works to prevent breakdowns and save you money on energy costs.

Air conditioner maintenance is extremely important. But that doesn’t mean you should rely solely on the residential AC maintenance man to do the job for you. There are certain tasks you can do on your own to prolong the life of your A/C unit and optimize its performance. These tasks include:

  1. Replacing the Air Filter

Air filter replacement is critical to the smooth operation of your home A/C unit. It’s best to change your filter monthly during summer and winter and at least once during autumn and spring.

The air filter of your air conditioning unit collects dust, dirt and other particles. When they accumulate in the filter element, they block the air flow and make your A/C work harder which is bad for the unit and your pocket as well. Moreover, the air that passes through your system becomes dirtier, making it hazardous especially for allergy and asthma sufferers in your home.

  1. Check the Wires and Electrical Components of the System

Before you begin this task, make sure that the unit is turned off or disconnected from the power source of your home.

Once the power to your A/C is disconnected, remove the access panel or cover of your condensing unit and check for melted insulation and burned wires.

Inspect the contactor switch. Have it replaced if you see signs of excessive pitting.

If you identify any electrical issues, it’s best to contact an HVAC repair company to complete the repairs.

  1. Check the Thermostat

The thermostat works to keep the temperature you want your A/C unit to maintain. If the thermostat you own is the old, mechanical type, you should consider upgrading to a more efficient programmable model.

  1. Check the Condenser Unit Fan

Make sure that your air conditioner is off, then check the fan that is mounted atop the condenser to see if it’s still in good working order. If you notice any cracks or chips on the fan blades, have them replaced by a qualified technician.

  1. Clean the Outside Unit of Your A/C System

As time passes, grass and shrubs will grow, falling leaves of trees nearby, and dust will accumulate on the outside of your air conditioning system and decrease its capacity to produce air.

Clean this portion of your A/C system by gently spraying it with water from a garden hose at a 45-degree angle. Take extra precautions to avoid bending or damaging the fins on the coil.

Trim shrubs and other larger plants that grow around your air conditioner. This helps to keep a steady flow of air into and out of the unit.

Proper maintenance is arguably the best way to keep all equipment including air conditioners working efficiently. Make it consistent and you will inevitably save money on your electric bill during the sweltering days of summer. The best thing you can do to make sure that everything is done correctly is to hire an experienced residential AC maintenance specialist.

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