The Proper Way to Maintain Your HVAC System

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The Proper Way to Maintain Your HVAC System

Proper maintenance is the best and perhaps the only way to preserve an asset and maintain its value.

The same principle applies to your heating and air conditioning system. You need to give it the best care to make it work at its best and to maximize its useful life. By doing so, you’ll be able to get two more benefits and these are reduced costs and eliminate unwanted emergency calls for repair. Doing a little yet consistent preventive maintenance can help to make your HVAC system go a long way.

Here are five HVAC maintenance tips that can help to make your OKC HVAC system serve its purpose to the max:

1. Change Filters Regularly

As a rule of thumb, you must record the date your filter was last replaced. It can help you determine the next filter change date. HVAC filters are disposable, yet they work to keep your system clean and free from particles and dust that may be present in your indoor air. Changing filters every three months would be fine, but changing filters more often like once every one or two months during allergy season or if you have furry pets at home would make your system do better and keep your family safe from allergies.

Most OKC HVAC contractors recommend MERV 7 – 11 rated filters. This is to ensure sufficient airflow which can cause strain on the system and reduce its efficiency. If your HVAC installation has an air purification system, you should service your system based on the manufacturer’s instructions.

2. Clean the Condensing Units

Most air conditioning systems work with an outdoor condensing unit or heat pump installed outside the house or building. A fan is fitted on top of the condensing unit to suck hot air and disperse it into the atmosphere. The condensing unit has metal fins that accumulate dirt, grime and pollen. Over time, the dust and dirt clog up and reduce the efficiency of the condensing units. To avoid this, spray the outer part of the unit with water to remove the dirt.

Avoid using pressure washer units because it can cause permanent damage to your unit.

3. Keep Your Outdoor Unit Free from Overgrown Vegetation

Leaves of overgrown plants and vegetation can obstruct the airflow from your condensing units. Trim trees or remove any bushes that are less than two feet away from your condenser units to ensure efficient airflow. Watch out for pollen from nearby trees because these are the most common causes of clogged condensing units.

4. Check the Drain Pan and drain Pipe for Blockages

Always make time to inspect the drain pan and drain pipe for mold or algae that might build up and cause a blockage in your system. You can use bleach to clean these parts or clear any blocked areas with a wet-dry vacuum. Do it regularly to prevent leaks that can cause damage to your ceiling.

5. Ask a Professional to Perform Regular Maintenance

Your HVAC unit is working long hours for most parts of the year. You should keep it properly maintained to ensure its optimum performance. Seek the help of a professional like one of the most reliable OKC HVAC contractors to conduct preventive maintenance once every six months.

Make sure that the HVAC professional will perform the following:

  • Clean the drainage system
  • Flush the coils
  • Vacuum blower compartments
  • Check the refrigerant levels of the air conditioning unit
  • Check the voltage of motors, and
  • Evaluate the overall operation of the furnace

Have these performed to detect any sign of deterioration or damage in any part of your HVAC system. Knowing them earlier will allow you to address any issue before they become worse. It’s the best way to ensure optimum performance from your HVAC unit and avoid excessive or unwanted costs.

The HVAC system is one of the most important equipment in a home or office. It’s an investment that needs attention so that you can avoid unwanted costs. Keep it running smoothly and it will give you its best performance all year round. Make this possible by working with a professional like Van Dyck Mechanical. We’re one of the most trusted OKC HVAC contractors you can find today.

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