What Van Dyck Mechanical is Doing in Regard to the (COVID-19) Coronavirus

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What Van Dyck Mechanical is Doing in Regard to the (COVID-19) Coronavirus

In light of our government’s move to contain the movement of the deadly COVID-19, Van Dyck Mechanical remains firm as an OKC HVAC contractor with our commitment to continue to serve you, our customers, in order to keep you safe and comfortable while you stay home to avoid infection.

Our job is to make sure that your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is working to give you a comfortable home temperature and healthy indoor air. In this regard, HVAC companies have been deemed essential by the governor of Oklahoma and will be here for you when you need us while taking precautions to safeguard you and our technicians.

To stay ahead of the curve as one of the leading OKC HVAC contractors, we have made adjustments with our operating procedures to make sure that we can continue to perform our tasks while avoiding physical contact or face-to-face interaction with you. Rest assured that whatever is the problem with your HVAC system, we will be here to for you. We can also help to ensure your family has healthy indoor air quality. We have Indoor Air Quality products that prevent the entry of 99% of airborne bacteria and particles into your home. This could be the real essence of staying safe amid an ongoing pandemic.

To keep you assured of our continued support, Van Dyck Mechanical’s founder, Mr. Clark Van Dyck, created a video to personally let you know about our company’s stand and sense of obligation to deliver our services while we are permitted to do so.

As one of the leading HVAC companies in Oklahoma, Van Dyck Mechanical wishes to reiterate that we remain available and committed to serve you. We understand that staying at home for days on end can be a drag, but we continue to work to give you this little consolation – to give you comfort, a feeling of being safe and most importantly, peace of mind.

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