Why March is a Time to Do Maintenance of Your Air Conditioners in OKC

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Why March is a Time to Do Maintenance of Your Air Conditioners in OKC

If you are a resident of Oklahoma, you know pretty well that the month of March is the beginning of spring. While you expect the climate to change for the better, it is not a guarantee that the temperature will quickly adjust from cold to warm, and you may not need to run your air conditioning system yet, at least for a few more days. This should give you enough time to have your air conditioning system checked by proficient technicians like the OKC HVAC specialists to make it ready for use when the warm weather starts.

To make sure that your AC maintenance is done well, have your system checked by certified OKC heat and air technicians from Van Dyck Mechanical. We will be happy to coordinate a date that works best for you. 

Do We Need to Schedule an AC Maintenance Every Year?

Yes. Even if your air conditioning system is not running everyday during the spring and summer seasons, you still need to make sure that all of its components are clean and in good order and condition. Doing a routine maintenance job for your air conditioning units before using them at the beginning of spring will be your assurance of their ability to perform at their peak during the warmer season. 

If you think that skipping maintenance can save you money, think again. It really costs more to run and repair an air conditioner that breaks down frequently due to poor maintenance. In fact, air conditioners that are not checked on a yearly basis will have shorter lives. 

Centralized cooling can be quite an investment. You should not allow that investment to go down the drain just because you don’t want to spend for its yearly maintenance. Having a well-maintained AC system can certainly provide cool, quality indoor air when you need it. It can also help you to save money on repairs and replacement.       

Aside from regular maintenance, there’s no other way to ensure that you’ll get the best all-around performance from your central air conditioning system, except when your system is brand new. 

Without proper and regular maintenance, your air conditioner is destined to go down because of the accumulation of dirt and deterioration of parts. This will lead to more costs, more hassles and potential risks to unhealthy indoor air. These are identified problems that you can avoid by simply having your system undergo regular maintenance from reliable heating and cooling specialists like our OKC heat and air technicians. 

What Do You Actually Do When You Conduct Maintenance on Our Air Conditioners?

Our AC Maintenance work is intended to make your air conditioning system clean, calibrated, tuned-up, adjusted and running at its best. Here’s what we actually do when we perform AC maintenance work:

1. Check the pressure of your refrigerant

We do this to know if there are any leaks in your system’s refrigerant lines which will trigger more serious problems if ignored or undetected.

2. Replace filters for optimum air conditioner performance

Changing filters is an important part of any air conditioning maintenance regimen. Constant use can cause dirt and debris to get into your air conditioners’ filters. These can cause air contamination, obstruction of airflow, and more workload for your cooling system.

We replace your air filters to minimize wear and tear as an effect of constant use, allow air to move freely to make you feel more comfortable, prolong the useful life of your air conditioners, and ensure the best indoor air quality for your home.

3. Check electrical connections and fix or tighten them if necessary

Your air conditioning unit is an electrical appliance and it requires a lot of electrical tasks. This maintenance routine can actually arrest lots of potential problems with your air conditioner.

4. Calibrate your thermostat and make adjustments as necessary 

Your thermostat should work properly as it is the part that determines the accuracy of your room temperature.

5. Clean the condenser coil

It is the part that’s responsible for the heat transfer process. We keep it clean to make sure that your AC will function normally and give you the right indoor temperature.

Your air conditioning system is an investment that you make to be comfortable and safe from polluted air. Keep it in the best shape through regular maintenance from trusted providers of HVAC maintenance and repair services like Van Dyck Mechanical. We’re a professional OKC HVAC services provider you can always count on.

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